Moving Slur End-point Causes Crash

• Aug 17, 2012 - 08:28

I have been testing version 2 with the nightly builds. I am on the current release for Linux (mscore-2012-08-16-10-13-2d506f3.bz2) and have found a problem with slurs. Here are the steps to reproduce the bug:

1) Select the first note for the slur
2) Type 'S' to add a slur between that note and the next note.
3) Type Shift Right-arrow to move the end-point of the slur to the next note
4) When you de-select the slur (by clicking somewhere else in the score), MuseScore just closes

I looked for other posts about this but did not find any. Sorry if this bug has already been reported.


Have you checked in the issue tracker?

If a search doesn't reveal anything there, then you should open an issue after reading the guidelines for doing so.

I can't confim for WinXP pro SP3 and GIT commit: fd9f5bb, only 2 comits ahead and I can't see them beig retaled to this problem.

How do you do step 3, with right-arrow or shift right-arrow?

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Sorry, in my original post I used some characters that it did not like so it stripped out shift right-arrow, but yes, I use shift right-arrow to move the end-point to the next note. The crash only happens after de-selecting the slur. If I do not move the end-point and leave it on two notes that are right next to each other, the crash does not occur. Perhaps, as indicated in the other post, it is a Linux-only problem. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with all updates current.

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I was not able to reproduce this problem in a new short score. The score where I have been experienceing this was, however, created in version 2 from scratch. I have stripped everything out of it except the choir parts and attached it to this post. With this score I can reproduce the problem consistently. If it doesn't crash on the first one, it will on the second or third.

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That is a good point. The score that I have been working on has become quite confused. I was having problems with an earlier nightly build of version 2, and so saved it as MusicXML and opened it in MuseScore 1, made some changes, and then opened the MuseScore version1 file in version 2. It was after that I encountered this problem. So maybe it has to do with a file created in version 1 being opened in version 2. I will try it in a brand new score created in version 2 when I get home in a few of hours and report back.

Has anyone been able to check into this further? It is definitely not a one off. I have a number of other scores that exhibit the same behavior. All of them are scores that started as MusicXML (usually exported from Finale), and were imported into v1.2, then later opened in v2. As I indicated previously, it does not happen with simple scores that were created from scratch in v2. Unfortunately, I don't deal in simple scores - most of mine are for full orchestra and choir. I have noticed some other odd things when working with scores that were originally created in v1, but will report those in another thread.

Help would be very much appreciated.

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