neighboring tone in piano style

• Mar 5, 2017 - 08:57

Hi, newbie here

I have two chords in piano style - test

As you can see i wanted the G in the first chord a quaver so i can add a neighboring tone for the G in the following chord.

This works fine!

I'm just wondering if it is the correct format? The quaver beam not being connected to the crotchets looks weird?

I did this just by putting the G as voice 2.


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Well, with 27 weeks having an account here you don't really qualify as a newbie anymore ;-)

Crotchets don't have beams, so I don't quite understand the issue here.
You can 'unbeam' the quavers, see
You may want to hide the voice 2 minim rest, select, press V, the voice 1 minin reast will then move down to the stave Center automagically.
You could also write it as 2 quaver chords and tie the top and bottom note, see

You are 'emajor' on IRC, aren't you?

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Well, it's a different notes, so not directly comparable. But anyhow, that version is notated incorrectly. The rules of notation require the voices be clearly distinguishable in cases like this where the chords overlap. Which is to say, MuseScore is doing it right, Sibelius or whatever program generated the above is doing it wrong.

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