Lyric problem. Can version 1.2 read and modify 1.1 files?

• Aug 28, 2012 - 18:04

Can someone advise or help me with a lyric problem. Using 1.1 version on my Mac., I completed the notation on a Lead sheet last fall along with 60% of the lyrics,  .at that  point I started having fluctuation in text size
Previously it was set at 12pt but some sylables were showing up at 10.67 others around 13.2 etc. I discontinued work on the project due to frustration and other commitments I had at that time. Since then I’ve upgraded my OS 5.8  to snow leopard  in order to upgrade Muse to 1.2
I have since tried to complete the lyrics with no luck I have to rewrite the notation using i.2
I have also been asked to change to 14pt for the lyrics, as the work is for a senior group who have a hard time reading, due to poor eyesight.
I have reset both left and right text size to 14, but the program will not alow any input unless I let it use 11pt which appears to overide the 14pt edited size (this still shows under the edit window)
Another strange thing ....when I type in a sylable under a note, it appears in the font box after the style name EG: Helveticaand my program Corrupt? .... should I reinstall 1.1 again to finish the lyrics?


Yes, right click / text properties with the apply to all option is how to correct this.

The reason your chart got to that state in the first place is another matter. Most likely, you changed something in the chart after typing some of the lyrics. Either you tried changing the lyrics text style via style / edit text style, or you changed the overall scale of the chart via layout / page settings / space. Or, you tried changing font for lyrics individually, using either the controls at the bottom of the screen while typing them or the text properties dialog.

Moving from 1.1 to 1.2 has nothing to do with. You can create a chart in 1.1, open it in 1.2, and everything should be exactly as you left it, except to the extent that certain bugs were fixed.

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