Symbol sizes and styles

• Mar 7, 2017 - 04:45

I use jazz templates. However, I'd like my codas and segnos to be of the FreeSerif font. I know I can drag them from the Master Palette, but I can't change their size if I do that.

Any suggestions other than dragging a PNG file into the score?


The problem is those symbols are not in FreeSerif. And apparently you can't just change the text stile "Repeats left" to use something else, like MScore, or MScore Text. Well, you can, but it doesn't have any effect.

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A little more info:

Changing the text style for "Repeat Text left* *does* have an effect, but not on the coda or segno or any other musical symbol. If you edit the coda to add more regular text, it will come from the specified font. But musical symbols are always taken from the "Musical text font" as per Style / General. And indeed, Free Serif doesn't provide this symbol (well, not in a form we can use; there might be a Unicode version for all I know). But presumably it is really Emmentaler the OP wants to use the font that is used for musical symbols by default when *not* using a Jazz template.

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