Part name in "Score" should not be exported to parts if different name is generated for the part.

• Mar 13, 2017 - 16:46

Seeing this reminded me of a small irritant.

I believe there's enough info in the title.

I know I can just not title the score.

We all work differently. :)


Sorry to be a pest, but I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Where are you specifying this "different name" for the part, and what name would you want exported instead? Also, are you talking about the part name that appears at top left of the part by default? Can you post a score / steps to reproduce the problem?

You mean if the score is named "Score", and part is named "Part", so the exported PDF filename for the score is "Score.pdf and for the (linked) part is "Score-Part.pdf", but you want it something else?

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So you are adding the word "score" where the part name would normally go, via Add / Text / Part Name?

Probably better to create a separate "part" called "Score", containing all staves, so it is just another part, and the score doesn't need to say anything. I think I've dealt with this by simply hiding the word "score" before generating parts, I think. But yeah, now that you mention it, we could definitely use a better way of dealing with this. Like, if you add a part name to your score, skip it when generating parts. It's a little tricky in that "part name" isn't really a thing we can identify - it's a piece of text that happens to be attached to the first frame of the score and happens to have the text style "Instrument Name (Part)". But we could certainly check for that. Or are you doing something different from Add / Text / Part Name?

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Well, Ctrl+Shift+T is general "System text", could be used for lots of different things, and the whole point of it is that it is *supposed* to show on all parts. So I can't see having an option to not put system text on parts - that defeats the whole purpose of system text! Better to switch to using actual part names, and then hopefully some day we provide a way to automatically skip linking part names to parts.

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