Note Size - Can I make the notes larger?

• Sep 12, 2012 - 16:55

What's the best way to enlarge the notes in my notation? Sometimes they come out pretty small. Thanks! Jim J


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True, no option to make the only notes bigger, but nor would you normally want to - they wouldn't fit between staff lines any more if you did. You need the first option suggested above - Layout / Page Settings / Scaling (Space). This scales the notes, staff, and everything else as big or small as you want.

if you really are trying to create non-standard notations where notes no longer fit between staff lines; you *can* get that effect, although again, unless you have a very special reason, you shouldn't do this. But set them "Small" using Note Properties (right click the notes), then use Style / Edit General Style / Sizes to set small notes *bigger* than 100%.

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i am so glad you figured it out. unfortunately, i have not figured it out yet, and your question helps me, because one is supposed to read through all the forum before posting the same question again. How do you do it now?

I would like to make the staff and the notes bigger , as in "big note piano" or at least as large as "easy piano" often is, for people who cannot see well. I sometimes play at the local blind center, and not seeing well myself, would like to share music, but the default setting is very small. I know it can be made larger, because i have downloaded some music that is formatted very small. I was able to it it with one score, but sometimes just changing the settings you mentioned does not work. it seems there is some setting that counters the changes, or supercedes the alterations... i appreciate your suggestions thank you

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sorry, thank you, you are right, first using the Layout / Page Settings / Scaling (Space).
and then style - edit general style - page - staff distance and system distance
messing with them all will render big notes, properly spaced. thank you so much for your help!

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