Embedded and complex repeats, Voltas, D.C., repeat bars etc.

• Mar 17, 2017 - 21:21

Hi, after another discussion on the French forum, it appears that embedded repeats or other re-directions of the musical flux are not well managed by MuseScore in its actual version.

I am the transcriptor for the choir, and find it quite annoying to have to make a version to print, and another, extended to get computers on the Web site, Android and iOS devices to play the repeats correctly.

In the example below


1. You forgot your attachment.
2. You will find many of the same people answering you here as you did on the French forum.
3. The MuseScore people like werner and lasconic monitor all the forums
4. MuseScore 3 will fix this issue. The bad new is that version 2.1 will be coming out first, then they can get serious about the final set of goals for version 3. 3 will probably be not be out before next fall (probably later) from watching how the 2.1 release is going.

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Indeed, and if I may, it is a common situation in many other types of partitions, like this one from diatosoldo : French cancan en sol majeur pour le diato_3.mscz
a great classic from Offenbach.

Like he says, such handling of complex embedded repeats and jumps should a basic task for a score software...
...and would save a lot of work for the transcriptors/writors (and paper) in the long run, and would certainly benefit to the popularity of MuseScore.

It is cumbersome and a little ridiculous to have to write a version for printing, and another to be published on the website, as well as for the iOS and Android platforms.

Not mentioning that repeats and jumps are basic tasks in computer programming.

I would be very very happy to see this happen.

Thank you!

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Oh! I'm sorry. I had no time left yesterday to finish my post, and I tought that I would save the draft for later with the "Save" button... I must have forgotten to wake up yesterday ;-)

Well, I can see the answers right here without further explaining of the request, Thank you very much.

FWIW Here is the score anyway

It must play twice the refrain at the end of the couplet, with two different ending, then repeat the whole couplet-refrain-refrain 4 more times.

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Au chant de l'alouette(IMP).mscz 20.58 KB

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A workaround.
I know that does not look good. It's complicated to follow.
I just hope it plays right. (If that is the traffic I understand).

For DC and DS, it is necessary to set in the inspector where to jump.
For DC: continue at: codaa
For DS: continue at: codab
And of course coda1 and coda2 must be labeled this way.

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Well, thanks again, but it was the whole point from the beginning to save space, hassle and paper.
I had wrote something similar to your solution earlier :/

I mention paper because : thousands of choirs X dozens of members X dozens of songs = a LOT of sheets of paper in the end.

I guess we will have to wait and see if this convenient feature request can be passed to the higher decision levels and be implemented soon for the benefit of all.

Thanks again Ziya Mete Dermican :)

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