Can't change key

• Jun 3, 2009 - 02:55

I'm using MuseScore version 9.4, and am trying to make a key change in the 17th measure of a song. The song starts out in 2 sharps, and part way through I want to change it to 3 flats. I've followed the instructions of dragging the new key from the key palette and dropping it in the 17th measure, but when I release the mouse button the key disappears. Thanks in advance.



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The staff in the measure in which I am trying to drop the new key signature turns pinkish red. However, if I drag a new key over the key at the beginning of the song (2 sharps), the sharps turn red and I am able to replace them.

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It looks like a bug. As a work-around go to Style > Edit Style > Page and add a checkmark next to "Create key sig for all systems". Probably to make it look right you will also want to add a checkmark next to "Create clef for all systems". Then press "OK".

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