Stacked Jazz Chord Extensions

• Sep 23, 2012 - 22:56

Would like to see stacked extensions for jazz chords. Is this in the works for future updates?


What do you mean by stacked? Do you mean, having b9 appear directly above b5 or whaever, rather than left to right? You can make that happen by hand editong the chord description XML file ypu are using. 2.0 will also include a chord editor. Still requires you do this individually for each different chord type, though, and there are lots of them, so less than ideal.

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Hi Marc,

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean by “stacked” extensions on chords. I primarily create lead sheets where I try and get the tune and changes on one page so space for chords becomes critical especially when 3 or more with long extensions are grouped together in one measure.

How do I hand edit the chord description XML file? Could you direct me where I may find out?

Also, apart from this topic, is it possible to make all note heads larger? If not will 2.0 have this ability?


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The chord description file is determined by style / general / chordname. If you are using tje Jazz Lead Sheet template, then the chord description file is cchords_muse.xml, and instructions on custo izarion are at the top of the file. Warning: it's not pleasant. i set up ths file to make lots of other customziations easy (like changing the abbreviatios used for major and minor), but the mods to stack alterations vertically won't be fun.

As for note size - note size is always fixed at the same size as the space between staff lines. If you think aout it, any bigger or smaller wouldn't really work the size of the space between staff lines is set in layout / page settings. The Jazz Lead Sheet template already sets this value rather large - 2mm (abot as parge as the Real Book; much larger than most other published music. The old generic Lead Sheet template sets a much s,aller than normal staff size, presumably emulating those old fashioned fakebooks that fit several songs per page.

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