musescore won't open

• Oct 2, 2012 - 16:16

I was using Musescore fine for 2 weeks, then suddenly it wouldn't open. Tried all the fixes, troubleshooting, etc. What's wrong here?


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What do you mean "it said the program was incompatible"? Do you mean you tried to start MuseScore and a dialog came up with an error message? Or maybe the error came up when you tried to open a file? How are you trying to start MuseScore? If it's from a pn icon on your desktop, is it possible it somehow is pointing to the wrong location? How about if you browse directly to C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore\bin and double click mscore.exe?

More detail about exactly what you are doing and what is happening or not happening always helps.

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windows 7 has a trouble shooting program. Went thru that and when it cycled through the steps, eventually it said 'incom....'etc. Tried any way I could to open it including your suggestions. At one point restarted PC, went to Musescore icon to open, showed the large icon as if it was to start, then disappeared, couldn't get furthur.

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Microsoft troubleshooting programs are notorious for not helping, and merely providing useless or false information.

In order for us to help you we need moe information about what is happening.

Would you be able to take a ScreenR screen cast of what happens when you start up MuseScore and post the link here?

You can get to ScreenR here

I have a sneaking suspicion that your problem may be due to either user privilege settings or Windows Firewall, but need more information.

Have you tried Run as Administrator?

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