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• Mar 25, 2017 - 20:11

When I select an object, e.g. a note, it appears in blue on my screen. Can I change this? Particularly with a multi stave score, it is difficult to see the blue notes, and I would like to experiment with different colours to see which is best for me.

I cannot find this in Preferences.

Thanks for a wonderful piece of software!


I fear it is not possible.
You can try to change the background color: Preferences/Canvas/Paper->Colour, to have a different contrast.

I think this is possible, because on my computer I somehow turned that off so now the notes are black when I select them. Unfortunately I don't know how that happened....


Will this 'issue' receive any attention? I would also like to change the color of edited text, and the color of selected edited text. See attached image for clarification. I am using dark background, staring into white screen is not good for my eyes.

MuseScore edited selected text on dark bgnd.png

Best open-source software ever.

Thank you for sharing,

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S love nia

A little late to this but just in case anyone happens to stubble on this issue in 2021 I think I found a solution as I just had this happen to me!

Basically I just reset to the default settings in preferences and it worked for me! I have a Mac and this is what I did that worked:

  • Click on the "MuseScore" tab in the top left (right next to "File")
  • Click "Preferences" and a menu will pop up with a whole bunch of settings
  • On the far right, click "Advanced" tab
  • Find the button that says "Reset to Default"
  • Click that and hopefully you will have the blue selection back!

If this doesn't work for you, I apologize but this worked for me. I assume there's some shortcut or glitch of some sort that put this setting on for me since I did not intentionally remove the blue selection.

Good luck everyone and have a great day! :)

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