the ability to have colored each line of the scale musical in a different color

• Mar 26, 2017 - 11:24
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I search for a specific functionnality for childern who have a kind of "vertical dislecxy" : vertical confusion when reading a score , for example the note A are confused with F or C note.

a way for these kind to help them is to set vertical colored reference, in coloring the staff with different color

So the idee is to set each line of staff in a different color, to create this "vertical colored reference": for example the 1rst horizontal line of staff could be blue , the second in red, the third in yellow and the 4th in green (to be choosen by the kind - but the ideal is to be chosen in "complementary colors"

I hope my request will be understandable.

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Are you familiar with the plugin color notes that is already included, but not activated in MuseScore? In the Plugin->plugins Manager... window check colornotes and click OK. Under Plugins you will then have a note option that leads to Color notes. If you don't select an area, every notehead will be colored. If you select certain notes, then only those will be colored. It even distinguishes between sharp, flat and natural. Running Color Notes a second time undoes the color.

The color may not be acceptable to you though.

Yes I know this plugin - Thanks:

I already try it on children: it doesn't work , because, according "specialist doctors", it should be "a fixed horizontal reference" , and the notes are the element to "be read", so coloring the notes is not the good way to help them.

So they suggest me, like for word reading , to set "fixed horizontal colored references" in the staff itself. >>
So I modify my post ( Edit 1), because I wasn't enough detailed:

Therefore my request is about different colored line in the staff.

Best regards

Thanks a lot ! I think it is what I look for : I ha ve to read it (and to understand :-) )

I did'nt search with the "suitable key words"