Changing size of text in line properties does not change the volta number text size.

• Apr 2, 2017 - 19:05

This did not work either with right clicking or with changing the size in text styles.


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With MS 4.0.2 I certainly can change the Volta text size with this menu path:
Format > Style... > Text Styles > Volta > Edit Text Style > Size=18:
For example:

... and see the 2017 comment from jm6stringer:
"(You may have to uncheck - Size follows 'Staff space' setting - if this won't work at first. )"
In MS4 the checkbox says "Follow staff size" or "Follow stave size".

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"it's just not working for me on my pc nor my mac, which are both running musescore 3 though"

Sorry, I thought we were talking about MS4 - my bad.

You're right, any attempt to set the text font size through Format > Style... > Text Styles > Volta does not have any effect. And that is not going to change, because officially MS 3.6.2 was the last version of MS3.

However, you can change the text font size of a volta in MS3 by selecting the volta and in the Inspector then adjusting Text Line Details > Begin Text > font size.
MS3_change font_size_for_volta.jpg

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