Joining voices / rests

• Oct 16, 2012 - 13:07

I have trouble to join voices. I want to join clarinet II and III to same stave but I got overlapping rests.
I follow these steps:
Select all measures of Clarinet II
Edit -> Voice -> Exchange voice 1-2
Selected all measures of Clarinet III
Copy Clarinet III
selecting 1'st measure of clarinet II

The notes come ok but the (half note and quarter note) rest is overlapping.
I expect to got rest for Voice 1 upper space and Voice 2 in lower space (if the rest is in different duration) and rest as normal if the rest in both voices is same duration.
Is that possible (without manually editing every rest?)

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There is more elaborate example what I want in example.
The notes in example is pure nonsense but I just focus on rest's.

So the stave 1 and 2 is as written.
Stave 3 is merged stave 1 and 2 to two voices as is produced.
Stave 4 is what I want to do. It's done manually but doing that on over 200 measures and 20 stave's is tedious.
So all the rest's in measure 1-4 and 6 doesn't overlap and I separate it moving up/down to resemble correct voice.
Measure 5 have rest with same durattion on same place and is alreday in rihgt place.
So is there some way to make stave 4 looking output without need to mannualy edit every uneven rest?


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Not in 1.2 - rests need to be adjusted manually. Sometimes copy/paste can be an effective tool if you have a lot of similar measures. 2.0 will adjust multivoice rests automatically.

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