5 line drumset input extremely hard to do

• Oct 16, 2012 - 20:20
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

It is so hard to enter anything in the first measure of a score that has a 5 line drumset kit. The note input pointer simply automatically shifts to the second measure even though I'm still pointing it at the first measure.

I have to break the whole measure in extremely small rests to be able to input something normally.

Actually, I've seen it not work in any other measure properly. I have to break up everything into very small rests in order to be able to enter anything properly. The note input cursor just shifts to the next measure.

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I would suggest posting this to the support forum, as it seems you haven't figured out how note entry for percussion works. While there is always room for improvement, it definitely is not the case that you have to break things up into small rests or anything like tha, or does the cursor "automatically" move in any way other than way it is supposed to - iin accordance withthe notes you are entering. It is just a matter of learning how the system works. And the Support forum is the better place for that type of discussion.

I'm sorry Marc, but that is just how it behaves, and i have been using MuseScore for a long time. It is my first time entering percussion, but I kid you not that's how it behaves.

And before you act like a jackass (as I've seen you always act), would you mind trying to do that yourself and see for yourself?

It would help if you posted exact steps to reproduce the problem you seem to be having. But again, since this is, as you say, your first time attempting to enter percussion, you might consider being open to the possibility that you have not adequately understood how it is supposed to work, before you start swearing at and insulting the poeple who are trying to help you understand.

I have entered literally thousands of measures of percussion parts, and it works exactly as it is supposed to in my experience. So perhaps you are trying to do something different how it is supposed to work, or perhaps you have hit on some sort of rare corner case.where it does not in fact work as it is supposed to. Either way, you will need to post the exact steps steps you are following, describe what you expect to see happen, and what you are seeing instead. And if you have no read the documentation or watched any of the video tutorials on how to enter percussion notation, you should probably do that first.

Try posting something on the 4th beat if you have a rest on the 3rd and forth beat (a rest that spans both beats). You can't enter it until you systematically break down everything into tiny rests, and only then can you start editing properly.

It seems to me that the scores you have created were not complicated at all from your description of your user experience.

When you say "tiny" rests, do you mean, quarter rests? Well yes, if you want a note on beat 4, there has to be a quarter rest on beat 3. That's just how standard notation works. So yes, you have to first enter the rest on beat 3 if you wish to enter a note on beat 4. I tried it, and it works exactly as it is supposed to. The scores I enter are quite complex, but they all work quite well because I understand I need to enter all leading rests and so I do exactly that.

As mentioned in another report, it sounds like you are asking MuseScore to implemennt a brand new mode of entry where you can simply "point" to a spot in a measure sand the software will try to guess what beat you mean and insert the leading rests for you? If that is your request, then perhaps enter that as a separate feature request, but please explain that clearly, ideally with examples of how you would like it to work, and hopefully without insulting anyone along the way.