Single Line Staves in 2.0

• Oct 17, 2012 - 07:01

Is there a reason that single line staves have been removed in v2.0? In 1.2 when you chose an instrument like Cymbal, you would get a nice 1 line percussion staff. When you open these scores, or create a new score in 2.0, you get a regular 5 line staff. It is desirable to have these added back. Was there a reason for their removal, or have I overlooked something?


MuseScore 2.0 is not released. You are probably using a nightly build and not MuseScore 2.0.
The behavior you are seeing might be a bug. Of course, scores from 1.2 with one line staff should be displayed as one line staff and it should be possible to create score with one line staff in Musescore 2.0 when it will be released.

There are several bug reports related to this issue
#14982: Percussion 1 Line
#14984: 1.x scores feature incorrect staves for percussion

Which nightly are you using? The current one is a55ed73908

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I just built 3e4c2ca and can see that it is fixed in the main score, so that is great. Unfortunately, it is not fixed in the linked parts. In linked parts we still get a 5 line staff. I have also noticed in staff properties that the 'Type' combo box does not list a 1 line percussion staff as one of the options.

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