Dashing of slurs

• Apr 6, 2017 - 18:28

It would be very helpful if the dashing of slurs could be wider (i.e. more whitespace between single dashes).
It would increase the readability (and acceptance) of dashed slurs.
This may be implemented with a new fixed proportion, or parametrizable in the inspector menu.

Maybe it would be good to consider the whitespacing of dotted slurs also.


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Yes, that looks better. But imagine that a score with this kind of dashing is shrinked to an A5 format. I'd assume it still to be too tight.
Could you give it a try to look like the Finale way?
(In above example I'd expect it to be not more than 5 dashes for the left slur)

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Paper format has nothing to do with this. With senses notes there would be less dashes, more with less dense notes. The length of dash and gap should change with the scaling, spatial setting, but that might need to get verified. The settings used here for dash and gap length are the same as the default settings for custom dashed hairline (de)crescendo lines in master (both set to 5.0), a good bit denser than the wide dashed (de)crescendo lines in 2.0.3 and 2.1, which wouldn't suit slurs/ties, as they normally are much shorter. They are not (yet?) configurable though, like they are for lines in master, not sure that would be n4eded, but if, we may want to use an entirely different approach and make slurties inhertit from sline, and that way also get some more line styles, like dash-dotted. Not sure this is worth the efforts though. Also that would certainly exclude this from being merged into 2.1.

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If we have an easy way to improve the current dashing (i.e. use same parameters as for (de)crescendo lines) I would definitely vote to integrate that in the next release.
It could be used and examined by all users and if it already fits the needs it can stay as it is.
If it's not sufficient the configurable sline approach from master could be decided/developed/applied later.
Does that sound acceptable?

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