Allow wider-dashed and larger-dotted slurs/ties

• Apr 13, 2017 - 09:46
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The current dashed slus have to little space between the dashes, in it can be seen how Finale draws them, in comparison to MuseScore.

Currently we're using Qt::DashLine, see, "Dashes separated by a few Pixels", we'd need to change that or (maybe better) add as an extra option for "Wide Dashed", using Qt::CustomDashLine, "A custom pattern defined using QPainterPathStroker::setDashPattern()", similar to what line items got, although I'm not sure we need it configurable, but could settle for some fixed value, similar to what 2.0.3 does to (De)Crescendo lines and hairpins, "Wide Dashed" (just narrower, similar to the default settings for these in master, "Custom Dashed").

Maybe like the folloing (left "Wide Dashed", right "Dashed")


This could even make it into 2.1. All (previous) 2.x version would show the slurs/ties as solid (and a blank filed for type in Inspector), but saving again (not altering those slurs/ties) would leave them unaltered, and show as wide dashed in versions that do support it

Title Allow wider dashed slurs/ties Allow wider-dashed and larger-dotted slurs/ties

There is a similar problem with dotted slurs/ties.

It's also a problem in exported sheets, in the program and the songbook app the space between every line or dot is calculated, but when the sheet is exported into PDF the space between every line is so small, that it looks solid if you don't zoom in 150%. The current dotted and dashed slurs/ties don't make any sense, I already tested it with musescore 2.2 release from today. I'm for replacing it, it reduces compatibility issues and could already be implemented, in version 3 it looks pretty good, and I don't think anyone will miss the old slurs. If it's possible, I would already be happy with a plug-in that makes them wider when exported in PDF.
The red circled slurs in the attachment are indeed dashed, but can't be displayed, because they are way to close together. Maybe change priority to major, because it affects all exported files.

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And it doesn't look like it will make it into version 2.3, it would be really great to have correct dotted and dashed slurs, without copying everything into musecore 3

Another option is to change the export behaviour, because the version in the editor and even in the app always looks correct. I don't know how complicated that would be, but it wouldn't change anything critical.