How do I see only one instrument?

• Oct 28, 2012 - 14:19

How do I see and edit only one or two instruments and not the whole score?


MuseScore does not have a feature like that. You can extract parts when you are done with the score, but that's a one way operation - edits made to extraced partswon't be reflected in the score, and vice versa. Starting in 2.0, MuseScore will support lonked parts, whch will enable edits made in the parts to be reflecd in the score and vice versa.

I am a fairly new Musescore user but have used another program that doesn't have linked parts etither and it is a real PITA having to update 2 different files for one change.

Is creating a conductor score from individual parts going to be possible?

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That's not how it was designed to work. It's the opposite - do the score first, then generate parts from that. MuseScore is designed to make that pretty simple/painless. In fact, I find it better at this than Finale was before the latter had linked part. Actually, probably better than Finale even *with* linked parts, although of course if you need to make edits after generating parts, linked parts will always win.

EDIT: on re-reading your question, it seems perhaps you meant, is it going to be possible once linked parts come in? well, I guess you could choose to work that way (create score, but do all your editing in the individual parts, but I doubt it could ever be as efficient as working from the score in the first place. It's *much* simpler and fasterr to work from a full score when entering music for multiple parts, since it is easy to see how things line up, to copy and paste between parts, to apply markings to multiple parts at once, etc.

The problem is that when musescore plays my score I am not able to see all instruments because musescore only shows the top instruments of the score. Can I change the style of the score paper or something so I can see all instruments when I am playing the piece?

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Use zoom to shrink the page until you can see what you want to see.

Only problem with this is on some scores in order to see all staves it will be too small to see the notes.

You can zoom in and out by holding CTRL and using the mouse scroll wheel


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Zooming in and out is indeed the easy answer here.

If your score has so many instruments that they would be impossible to read if you zoomed out far enough, then in 2.0 you would be able to define a special linked part containing just the staves you want to see together. At least, I assume this would work - I've never tried it.

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