Unkown duplication bug.

• Apr 11, 2017 - 21:05

Okay, for some strange reason, In the Mixer, there are more instruments than what I have listed. For instance, in the score I'm currently working on, I have two Violincello instruments within the score. However, in the mixer, there are FOUR. Two of which when I edit, don't do anything they're just there. the same thing happened with a different score, but with trumpets. I don't know how to fix it either, I've tried reloading the program but that didn't work. Would really like to know what causes this so that I may avoid having confusion when I make more scores in the future.

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Could you attach here your score?
use the "File attachments" option at the bottom of the page, just above the Save and Preview buttons when you're typing your post.
Have you intentionally turned down the volume in the mixer?

It's for Trumpets (for add muted Trumpet) and Strings (to add Pizzicato and Trémolo).
If you use it , they will be and the same stave, on your score.
For exemple, to add a part of muted Trumpet, on a stave of trumpet existing, enter where you want it, a stave Text, name it what you want, ex: TIN MUTE , then Right click on it ,choose stave text proprieties, it's open a window with 4 voices, select 1 on the first and change NORMAL to MUTED and click OK at the bottom. Your Trumpet is becoming MUTED, and you have his volume in the Mixer. If your trumpet re-becomes normal after, do again the same work, TEXT, name it OPEN, select Stave Text Propr. voice 1 , select NORMAL

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