Changing Lyric Font Size

• Oct 31, 2012 - 16:47

Hi !
I've just joined and I really love Musescore !
I've had a quick look round and I've found an answer I'm looking for, but perhaps because I'm using version 1 it doesn't apply to me.
I need to find a way of highlighting the lyric line (there is only one) to change the font and increase its size in one go. I can highlight all the text but when I select the font name (Arial) and size (10) nothing happens to the highlighted text. Am I doing something wrong - or is this something not available in version 1 ?
Hope someone can help.
Thanks !
PS As soon as I've sorted this problem I will look into downloading version 1.1 (I am not sure if version 1.2 will run on my old Mac using OS 10.4.11 PPC).


PPC will only run 1.1, no higher.

Right-click on a lyric, select Text Properties. In the dialog change the font size, check "Apply to all elements of the same type". That should do it.

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I think lyrics are different from other text in that they are re-processed on the fly to some extent - same for chord symbols. So there can be glitches. I find that trying to affect the font of such "special" text after the fact is often problematic. Much better to get the size right in Style / Text *before* creating the elements.

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