Triplets: beam problem

• Nov 6, 2012 - 12:08

In MuseScore 1.2, I'm trying to render the figure in the attached file (screen-captured from another score): two sixteenth-note triplets linked by a single (eighth-note) beam. I've tried a number of options, and looked through the forums, but do not see a solution; every time I link them I get a sixteenth-note beam, which is not what I need... Any advice would be invaluable. Thanks in advance!

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The bars show the workflow. Only bars 5 and 6 are the finished triplets.

To get from bar 3 to bar 4, select the voice two notes, press x and flip the stems, then press the up arrow four times to move the voice two notes, stems and beams up to the same pitch as voice one. The beams line up automatically.

In bar 6 it works best if the beams are parallel to the stave. Enlarge the view and double click the beams to tweak them.


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