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• Jun 21, 2009 - 00:24


first of all, congratulations! After decades of "trials and retire" concerning music notation software (Linux and free) musescore seems to me the most promising approach.

2 days ago I got the actual svn trunk and succeeded in compiling under opensuse 11.1 (hard work but done). Though MS crashes a good many times I'm thrilled about usability, features and the quality of output.

Now I want to place a tempo description above the first measure. I'm able to do, but I want some more space between stave and text. I tried to use a spacer, but that doesn't work. How to?

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... by analysing my bash history ...

Most problems were missing packages. I had to add the KDE4:Factory repository and the following packages by running

zypper in libqt4=4.5.1-47.1 libsndfile-devel portaudio-devel doxygen texlive-latex libogg

I had to set exec permissions for a file: chmod +x trunk/mscore/gen-qt-projectfile

I guess that's it. Written down like that it seems to be easy.... ;-)

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