Split view

• Apr 18, 2017 - 16:48

I just started to compose a tune for a wind orchestra. I wrote a flute melody. To the next I'd like to write the tuba bass line as a counter line to the flute. For this it would be nice to be able to make a horizontal split of the view, like many text editors have. I could scroll upper frame to the flute part and the lower frame to the tuba part to be able to see both parts at the same time. Now I can hide the other parts one by one and getting them back again one by one. But the split view would speed up and everything would just be scrolling back and forth, not opening the instrument window and clicking on each part.


Create a score with flute and tuba and you will see both together. You can do this from scratch or by taking your flute score and adding a tuba to it. Then extract the parts when finished.

I assume your score already has both flue and tuba and whatever other instruments you need, and the problem is simply that the flute and tuba are not *adjacent*? If so, then indeed, View / Documents Stacked will give you two views onto the same score, allowing you to position them each as you need.

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