Tempo markings disappear

• Nov 30, 2012 - 04:29

All the tempo marks (such as Andante, [quarter-note] = 66) disappear when I hide empty staves. I highlight a note or rest, click Create... Text... Tempo... , fill in the text and beats-per-minute -- then save it, make sure it's sitting exactly at the top-left of the page just above the first staff -- and when I hide empty staves it's gone, only to reappear when the empty staves are displayed again. Obviously there's a way to do this (I've looked through many comments on "tempo"), but I'm failing to find it. Any help will be appreciated...


As far as I can tell, this bug applies to any text attached using the "system" flag to make it appear on the top staff only (this applies to tempo, rehearsal marks, "system text", and presumably any other text where you check the "system" box in its properties. If the first staff is hidden, all text attached to it disappears as well, and doesn't automatically show up on the first visible staff. So the workaround is to force the top staff to never be hidden - stick enough hidden notes in that part to keep it from ever being empty. A single hidden quarter note in voice 2, set to zero velocity, copied to all measures of rest, should do the trick. You'll probably have to delete them in the generated part or you won't get multimeasure rests.

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