How to have only one staff?

• Dec 14, 2012 - 03:50

I want only the treble staff to show, as I'm notating with chords for one instrument and don't need the bass staff at all. I've tried "hiding staves" but it still leaves the entire staff. I've also tried making the measure invisible, but the space where the staff was still remains.

Any ideas?


You're talking about a Piano, right?
Just delete the bass stav in the "Add Intrument" dialog

Maybe 'Hide empty staves' should be renamed to 'hide unused instruments' or some such, as that is what it does (and Piano usually has two staves)

Go to Create -> Instrument. Select the bass staff on the right side and click delete. When you are back to the score, select the bracket and press Del.

Next time you create such a score, choose to create one from template and not from scratch and choose LeadSheet template.

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Yes, the templates are great for this, since they also make sure no instrument name displays, and they make other settings appropriate for lead sheets. There are two versions of the template: Lead Sheet, which produces smaller than standard print with chord symbols in Roman font in the manner of the classic fakebooks that attempt to cram as many tunes into as few pages as possible, and Jazz Lead Sheet, which produces slightly larger than standard print with a handwritten font (MuseJazz) for chord symbols. See also my tutorial on lead sheets, which uses the Jazz Lead Sheet template but applies to all lead sheets:

Pay special attention to the part about how you enter your chord symbols, and the advice to see Chord name in the Handbook. The most common error people make creating lead sheets in MuseScore is not spell their chords the way MuseScore expects. If you enter them wrong, they will display strangely, they won't transpose, and other bad things happen. You have some control over what MuseScore will accept - see that Handbook page for more information.

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