i can't save as lilypond format

• Jul 1, 2009 - 11:33

hi i can't save as ly. format


Do you get an error saving to .ly format or are you just asking how to save to lilypond format? Instructions are in the handbook. See [[nodetitle:export]] .

I'm having a similar problem with MuseScore 0.9.4: it fails to save in any format apart from the "Compressed MuseScore Format" (I've tried MuseScore Format, MusicXML and Lilypond). This really is a showstopper for the project I'm doing, but a pity since I like MuseScore.

I'm using Ubuntu Netbbook Remix 9.04 on a Asus eee900.

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the same problem in debian sid/squeeze with mscore 0.9.4, can't save in any format, nor museScore formats.... but if i run it through console as root(not using gksu or similar) i can save in all formats. it do not throw errors only doesn't saves...

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