Some comments and bug reports

• Jul 1, 2009 - 16:14

I really liked this new version of MuseScore, to test it I copied a sonata for Clarinet in Bb and Piano, piano had two voices. After the first 15 bars these are my impressions (ver. 0.9.4):

This test was made on Windows XP an Vista, as soon as possible I'll try with Linux.

No problems in writing music, the "concert mode" works well and it is useful as the sonata was originally for violin and I am copying it for clarinet so I can insert notes in concert key. music layout is elegant and input is easy, having used sibelius a lot.

No way to change font: even If I try to do it in the font dialog, then nothing happens, so you must stick to Times New Roman.

The program crashes when trying to extract single parts (piano and clarinet), no way to do it. So I use this workaround: I create a new score for clarinet (or piano) and use copy & paste. BUT there is another minor bug: slurs are not copied and must be added again manually in the new score.

However now MuseScore is finally usable. It can only improve.



In version 0.9.4 the font does not change until you save, close, and reopen the file. This is fixed in the latest prereleases.

In version 0.9.4 there are several crashes related to part extraction. All known crashes are fixed in the latest prerelease.

Slurs are still not copied but this is a known bug.

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