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• Dec 21, 2012 - 04:14

Hello, I am fairly new to Musescore. I have heard my friends talking about importing mp3 files, like using musescore to create scores using mp3 files for you. Is this possible, and if so please tell me how to do it.


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All the software to translate audio (wav or MP3) to MIDI data can work in "acceptable" way when the audio is from just one instrument or voice. But, when the audio is from a group of voices or instruments, things change.

From my personal point of view, it's better to perform the "translation" with the best invented machine of the world: our brains!!!

Just, hear the music and, then, write it with MuseScore.

Very easy, men!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!



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Hi everyone,

If case anyone might be interested, we do the service of transcribing from audio (or video or midi) to music Score!!!

This is how the process works:
1. You send us your files.
2. We check them out to find out the complexity level required to make your professional Scores.
3. We let you know (normally within 24 to 48 hours) how much the process would cost for each individual track.
4. Once you make the corresponding payment, our professional team works on your music and we send your Scores by email in PDF format, with all possible detailes and designed professionally.
5. If necessary, we make any necessary changes AT NO EXTRA COST to your Scores when notified within a period of 10 days after we submit our first version of it.
6. We send again the corrected version of your Scores.
7. You ENJOY, PRACTICE, PRINT, SHARE AND EVEN SELL your new sheet music at your own convenience!

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I am interested. I would like "America the Beautiful" sung by Sandi Patti transcribed. I believe it is in the key of C. After it is transcribed (one note, vocal only), then if possible, I would like to have it transposed up to the key of E flat. How much would that cost? Thank you,
PS - I tried to attach the file but it didn't work. You may email me and I can email you the file.

There are programs that will attempt to do it such as:

The output is a MIDI file which then could be read into Musescore or other notation program. Even the makers of Intelliscore admit that complex music will not convert well and even if it did a perfect job of creating a MIDI file, the MIDI format does not include a lot of information that makes up a complete score.

If you are interested in the topic, Google something like: MP3 to MIDI . This will bring up a number of articles and videos.

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There is one problem (at least for me) with these "convert MP3 to MIDI" programs - they are written for Geeks - which I am not. I've tried intelliscore and amazingmidi and simply cannot get anything to work. And when I try to get some help, the Geeks' replies are even more confusing.

Sure wish someone would come up with a simple-to-use conversion program for non-Geeks.

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