How to add an image in a forum posting?

• Dec 22, 2012 - 04:16

I had a question to ask in the forum and took a screenshot of what I meant, but don't understand from below how to add an image in a forum posting.
Below it reads:
"You may use NOT FOUND: xx tags to display uploaded files or images inline."
clicking on that, it brings me to:
"You may link to files uploaded with the current node using special tags. The tags will be replaced by the corresponding files. For example: Suppose you uploaded three files (in this order): ...

What is the current node?
I know how to upload pics to e.g. the wikipedia or in

"Suppose you uploaded three files (in this order): ...". Uploaded to where? Somewhere online, e.g. in a picasa folder?



Once you have uploaded the image file you then use the [ inline:xx=pic] syntax to display the pic (omit the space after the first square bracket).

So [ inline:BadAlignment.png=pic] will display the attached PNG inline like this:-

Again omit the space after the first square bracket - it is there to prevent the forum from parsing the string as a command


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The "current node" is the message that you are writing, to answer your question about that. See the picture attached to Soichi's response. The "File attachments" section just above the "Save" and "Preview" buttons when you are composing a message to a forum lets you "Attach new file", which is what is meant by "uploading" here.


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