UI lacks font support for Tironian Sign Et (U+204A)

• Apr 29, 2017 - 12:29
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Not sure if this is a QT or MuseScore bug: the UI lacks font support for the "Tironian Sign Et" character used by Scottish Gaelic:


As you can see from the attached screenshot, it is broken in the element list on the left, but fine in the title text.

Tested on Windows 7.

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I believe the font used for the UI is outside our control, but coming from Microsoft (on Windows atelast, I think it is "Sequoia UI" there

Reported version 2.1 2.2

Here's a screenshot taken with Windows 10 - MuseScore + Windows Control Panel. As you can see, Windows itself is displaying the character just fine. We have been translating Windows since Windows 8 but not for Windows 7, so I wanted to double-check this:


BTW the Windows native Ui font is called Segoe UI.

Still waiting for the new version to hit the Ubuntu repo for testing on Linux.

Yes, Segoe UI is what I meant. Microsoft Change that font between Windows 7 and 8, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segoe.

I see it in Windows 7 in Segoe UI Symbol:
But not in Segoe UI
Same in Windows 10

But you translated "Arpeggios && Glissandos" as "Arpeggio ⁊ glissando", that lost one of the &.

See https://www.transifex.com/musescore/musescore/translate/#gd/musescore/1…

I don't recall why exactly that duplication was needed (but remember that it was, I think it was to prevent the single one to cause the next shat, a space, to be interpreted as a shortcut, so not show the & but underline the space?), and don't know whether the translation then should be "Arpeggio ⁊⁊ glissando" or "Arpeggio &⁊ glissando" or "Arpeggio ⁊& glissando", guess you could just try it out?

I suspected that they changed it, which is why I just supplied a screenshot for Windows *10* with the same bug.

Is it possible to use a different font, like Liberation Sans or DejaVu?

And yes, && are usually escape characters to prevent creating accelerators. Since the Tironian et doesn't act as an accelerator (only & does that), no need to escape it.

I don't see a diff in 10 vs. 7, both have that character in "Segoe UI Symbol", neither have it in "Segoe UI". Guess we'd have to report that to Microsoft ;-)

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Bug is fixed in Windows 10 now. We shouldn't spend time fixing this for Windows 7 at this point.