rearrange notes over bar lines

• Jan 2, 2013 - 22:36
S5 - Suggestion

When notes are inserted or deleted, currently musescore adjusts the values of the adjacent notes so that the number of beats is kept correct. On deletion it just inserts rests instead.
Musescore should have a mode where instead the length of the other notes is untouched. To keep the number of beats correct, the notes are shifted into the next bar on insert or pulled from the next bar on delete.
This mode would be very convenient when transcribing. You could enter the melody first and add the rhythm later.


When reading in XML files or the Musecscore file created by the online PDF converter there can sometimes be the wrong number of beats in a bar and there should be an easy way to correct this but Musescore insists on keeping the incorrect bar length when you delete notes. This then renders the file virtually useless.

In reply to by David Fletcher

The problem with the import program is that it will use tuplets to allow for the correct number of notes in a measure. This often happens when a MuseScore user would use voices to enter different rhythms. The import program does not use voices. The tuplets lead to other problems with MuseScore since it has problems with some tuplets and the problem is them blamed on MuseScore while the problem is actually with the import program.

It's quite possible to change the measure length using Measure Properties or the commands in Edit / Measure. If you need further assistance, please ask for help in the Support forum.