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• Jan 6, 2013 - 10:07

MuseScore (2.0, Linux, compiled from gitHub) seems to fail to recognise the valid XML tag "measure-numbering".

MuseScore generates the message

print:measure:part:score-partwise:: Unknown Node {measure-numbering}, type 1

(braces used above not > and < because the line fails to display properly otherwise)

The MusicXML DTD (Direction Module) document at


confirms that the tag is valid.

The XML file (not attached because it's too large) was generated by AudiVeris. MuseScore has multiple problems with it, which I am trying to resolve. This is the first.


You may consider "unknown node" messages to be harmless warnings. It is highly unlikely that these messages are the cause of your problems. What are the real problems ?

As MuseScore should work well with files produced by Audiveris, I'd like to know what the exact issues are and what version of Audiveris you are using.

Finally, it helps a lot to have the file available. Can you either: attach it, attach it zipped or attach a minimum sized file that reproduces the problem ?

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The problems are legion, perhaps due to AudiVeris (4.2, Linux), not doing it's OMR jub sufficiently.
Zip it and attach it? D*mn! Why didn't I think of that? It's attached here. It's a version of Beethoven's first piano sonata.
MuseScore finds lots of problems. It complains that it is an invalid XML file, quoting as detail

"Fatal error: line 1215 column 28 Content of element bar-style does not match its type definition: String content is not listed in the enumeration facet.."

but will load it anyway.

It seems to give a reasonable rendition, but unfortunately it renders it one measure per line, and when I select "Page Options" to see if I can change that, MuseScore crashes.
"Interestingly" if I switch it to continuous view it seems to work, the whole score seems to be present, at least as far as AudiVeris managed to read it.

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