How To Place A Hyphen Between Letters Of Words

• May 3, 2017 - 22:17

I am having trouble placing a hyphen between letters of words for my music:
1. First I click on "Add"
2. Then click on "text"
3. Then click on lyrics
I can separate the letters in the words, but can not put a hyphen between them.
If I click on "View", then on "Palettes", then to "text" I notice "Staff text", and "System text", should I be using one of these or just the "text" in the "Add"?

When I click on "Master Palette", I think it is called, it will not show up, so I can not use that information. I wonder if this is the fault of my computer or is it Musescores fault?

Really would appreciate some help on these matters. Thank you.



Lyrics is the right type of text to use but from your post I'm not quite clear what issues you are experiencing.

Usually one enters lyrics and presses [Space] or [-] (dash/hyphen) after each syllable to progress to the next note and syllable. Are you saying this is not working for you? See:

If you want to enter "-" character within one word/syllable, you can use special shortcuts [Ctrl-] or [Alt-Ctrl-] (or [Ctrl-Space] to enter space), see:

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Thank you for your reply, but I still have problems. I got the hyphen in between the syllables but when I type the rest of the word, the word types backward instead of typing forward, and it covers the hyphen. The word is hallowed, and it should look like this hal-lowed, but it doesn't. Seems weird. Is it because my measure is too short. I am not sure I can lengthen the measure, as I said before, I can not make the "Master Palette" appear for some reason, I get a window telling me I can't get it.

Phillip Faulkner

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The file starting in a period and ending in a comma is not your score - it is a backup file. That file is normally hidden, but you must have enabled display of hidden files. Keeping scrolling down further in the same folder and you'll find your actual scores. None of those files starting with commas are your actual scores.

Anyhow, if I load your backup file (after renaming it to remove the comma), I see three notes and two lyric syllables: "Oh" and "hal". If I double click "hal" to go to edit mode, then type a hyphen, then type the next syllable (no idea what it should be, I just typed "ted". And it gives me "Oh hal-ted" just as I expect.

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Thank you Mark for your attempts to help me, but you are not dealing with a computer geek here, so there is a lot I don't understand about computers. Almost all of my scores are apparently backup files, I don't know how this happened, I do not remember enabling backup files. When I scroll down there are no original scores, or my actual scores. I do not know how to obtain the actual scores. Do you?

Phillip Faulkner

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You're probably on Windows, there for some very stupid reason 'know extensions' are hidden by default (very dangarous in my opinion).
But you must have enabled visibility of hidden files (as this is not the default), switching that is very near to the switch for hiding known extensions

To add a hyphen, simply type it while entering the lyrics. So for instance, you would type "ly-ric" to get "ly" under one note, "ric" under the next, and a hyphen between them.

If the notes are very close lose together and the syllables are long enough that they are almost touching, the hyphen will not actually appear, but it will in most cases - entering notes and lyrics normally causes things to be spaced widely enough that most hyphens do appear. If you want to force a hyphen to appear in a situation where the space is tight and it does not appear by default, you can add a little extra space in that measure. Either select the measure and add stretch (press "}") or just move the words with the arrow keys, or the notes using the "Chord" section of the Inspector. But don't do any of that until you are done entering your notes and lyrics, because as I said, normally by the time you finish things are already spaced widely enough for most hyphens to show us.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please attach your score and describe exactly where you are having trouble.

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