altering rhythm

• Jan 10, 2013 - 18:57

hi. when i try to write music, i have to figure out the pitches first, and /then/ i work on notating it with the correct rhythms. what i want to do is write (for example) a line in only quarter notes, and then adjust all the notes i've written to have the correct duration.

so things i want to be able to do, but can't figure out how:
- for example, i might decide that most of these notes will be eighth notes. i want to highlight all the quarter notes i've written down, then change them all to eighth notes.
- i might then want to individually change some of these notes (such as making some into, for example, sixteenth - dotted-eighth rhythms)

i don't know how to do this, though. when i try to highlight a section, and then press the eighth note button, nothing happens. and if i try to (for example) change two eighth notes into a sixteenth - dotted-eight rhtyhm, by selecting the first eight note and changing it into a sixteenth note, i get a sixteenth note, a sixteenth rest, and an eighth note. i then i have to highlight the sixteenth rest and re-enter the following pitch. (this is pretty laborious!)

does anyone know how to do what i want to do (ie write pitches first, then add rhythm)?


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I think it does *part* of what you want - with a bunch of quarters selected, it will turn them into eighths for you.

But in general, no, MuseScore doesn't really support the type of workflow you are describing. Changing the duration of one note does not alter anything about any other notes - no more than changing the pitch of one note alters anything about any other notes. There are definitely a few others who like to work the way you've described, but so far, none of them have stepped forward to volunteer to implement this new mode. Seems one recent thread proposed a reasonable design for how it might look to the user - first select a passage, then enter this new special mode, and while in that mode, any duration changes will move the other notes within the selected range.

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