Handbook page missing?

• May 6, 2017 - 22:09

" https://musescore.org/redirect/handbook?chapter=upload-score-audio&loca… "

is the link that the "More info" about the uploading score option sends you to. However, the link leads to a page that says "Page not found.". Just thought I'd mention it.


Where is this link? If it's in the handbook, what page is it on, and when did you download it? (the date is on the title page). If it was on the website, what is the address that contains that link?

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Enter a bug report into the issue tracker under activity to the right of these posts. Call it a but report, normal priority for version 2.1-RC and leave the assigned to empty. I know this isn't 2.1-RC, but that's the closest version to what you are using.

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