Glissandos don't work like they should through line breaks...

• May 10, 2017 - 22:27

When Hide Empty Staves is checked, glissandos that go through line breaks often end up going the wrong directions, creating weird issues like in the file attached. Can anyone help? The issue shows itself when the instrument with the glissando is positioned differently from the top of the system, i.e. when an instrument above it hides/shows itself from one system to the next.

I'm running version 2.1.0, revision 871c8ce.
My OS: Windows 10 Pro version 1610, build 14393.1066, 64-bit, x64 processor... IDK what else I should put in!


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Musescore problem.mscz 13.11 KB


Hmm, works OK in general, but it appears that use of "Hide empty staves" is causing MsueScore some confusion with your score. Could you file an official bug report (Help / Report a Bug, from within MuseScore)?

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