Play Mode doesn't Play back Second Instrument

• Jul 6, 2009 - 23:00

I have Musescore 0.9.4 for Windows XP and I am working on three instruments for a song. For some reason, when I playback the music, it doesn't make any sound for the second instrument listed. The instrument that it is not playing back is a clarinet. Any suggestions?


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I don't mean like a clarinet sound, But no sound at all. Even on the piano mode. Nothing. The top Trumpet plays back and the bottom sax plays back. But nothing from the middle clarinet. I have a MIDI hooked up. But no sound at all from the 2nd instrument. Same thing from a string quartet. Nothing from the 2nd instrument. This bug or issue is making me go crazy!!
I need a reply soon!!

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Any of the three SoundFonts listed on the SoundFont page are good. If you have a slow computer then pick the smallest SoundFont. If sound quality is important pick the largest SoundFont. 7-Zip is written for Windows so it will work in XP after you install it.

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