MuseScore to CD

• Jan 30, 2013 - 05:33

I have recently created a new composition and wish to share it with some friends by burning to a CD/DVD. Unfortunately, when I tried burning the file to the CD I failed. Before doing this I saved the file as a WAVE. Is it possible to to burn created music from MuseScore to a CD/DVD? If so, how?

I did try the handbook, but it wasn't much help.



If your WAV file plays back normally before burning it to a CD, then the problem has nothing to do with MuseScore - it's job was finished when you crated the WAV. So if the CD doesn't work right, that's a problem with the software or hardware you used to create the CD.

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Thanks for your answer. They got me thinking again and gave me a clue.

It turned out the biggest problem was the file. I deleted it and went back to the original, gave it a new file name, and then saved it as a WAVE again. I believe the first time around I didn't save it properly. The first one I discover would not play on the Windows Media Player the second one did. However, for some unknown reason my software wouldn't burn it. So, I did a web search for burning software and downloaded them. Most of them didn't work, but one of them did and that was "BurnAware".


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