Under KDE, doesn't reflect changes of keyboard layout properly

• Feb 10, 2013 - 19:02
S4 - Minor

I discovered 2 bugs under KDE, which I believe to be strongly connected (no graph theory pun intended), so I'm filing them here together.
Steps to reproduce (works always):
1. Under KDE, launch systemsettings, go to Input Devices -> Keyboard and add an alternative layout ­- in this example the german NEO2 - to the bottom of the list.
2. Tick "Show layout indicator", click "Apply" and use the newly appeared layout indicator button to switch the layout to neo.
3.a) Test the layout in Musescore and find out that it hasn't reflected the change at all.
3.b) (Workaround and second bug) In systemsettings in the list of layouts, move neo to the top and apply. Then musescore reflects the changes. However, the 4th layer of neo doesn' work. (Try the + or a number)


3.a) Restarting doesn't seem to have an effect.
3.b) I tested it on note entry and shortcuts, where it fails. However, your suspicion is legitimate as Musescore reflects the change when entering text of any kind.

Works for me (Musescore 1.3, KDE 4.8.5 on Ubuntu Precise). Changing keyboard layout using the layout indicator in the taskbar immediately takes effect in Musescore.