Soundfont about being used in Zerberus

• May 14, 2017 - 10:54


1) I want to add “KawaiUprightPiano SFZ”, a soundfont to Zerberus in Musescore synthesizer, for making or improving my music. Would you help me how to add this“KawaiUprightPiano SFZ”soundfont to Musescore Zerberus?
2) I have downloaded a SFZ soundfort of KawaiUprightPiano. But it cannot be loaded to Zerberus for Musescore synthesizer. Would you mind help me why it be that?

Hung received_10212692924668305.png received_10212682701172724.png



Hi, I finally made a way to add a SFZ soundfonts for Zerberus in Musescore synthesizer. I downloaded a SFZ soundfont from Musescore soundfont list, and used a Zip software to extract ,copying this SFZ soundfont, after that, I went back to Musescore Edit menu, to choose Preference and found out a Folders for Soundfonts. In the Soundfonts path to SoundFonts Folders. I added a SFZ soundfont from “Choose a directory”. Further, I founded the folder of Soundfonts, I chose the Soundfont of “ SalamanderGrandPiano V2_44.1kh216bit”.After that, I once went to Musescore synthesizer menu and chose item of Zerberus and added this SalamanderGrandPianoV2_44.1kh216bit to be a soundfont in Zerberus. I can use this soundfont for editing my music to have a higher sound effect.

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