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• Jul 9, 2009 - 18:49
S5 - Suggestion

I have registered and received my initial password. After logging in, I click on the green "Download Free - Now Version 0.9.4" box in the upper right corner of the website, but nothing happens. How do I download the software?


Title download software download software link
Status (old) fixed needs info

Hi gausxk,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you tell me what browser and version you use?
Internet Explorer 5/6/7/8, Firefox 2/3/3.5, Chrome 1/2, Opera, ...

If the download doesn't start when the green button is clicked, then I would expect something to happen---instructions on how to download; another screen with a download link, etc.


I couldn't reproduce the problem with IE8 yet, but I'm trying some things out. Will let you know when you can test it. Thanks for your help so far.

Status (old) needs info fixed

I added javascript code to redirect a click to sourceforge. You will see that the download link for windows platforms is now download-windows which is actually a redirect to the SF download page.