Create New Score Wizard crashes MS

• Feb 22, 2013 - 13:02

When trying to create a new score by using Ctrl-N or File>New MS crashes immediately and has to be closed. I tried everything: new download and install, execute as Administrator, returning to program standards (via Windows+R, "C:\Programs\Musescore\mscore.exe" -F), trying to use MS as another user. Nothing works. I cannot access the Create New Score wizard. I'm using MS under Windows Vista (up-to-date). It's quite annoying. Can anybody help?


Which version of MuseScore are you using?

MuseScore already works once on your machine? Can you check preferences -> general -> Instrument list? What's the path there?

@lasconic : I am using version 1.2, the path to the instrumentlist is
C:/Program Files/MuseScore/templates/instruments_nl.xml (as I am Dutch).
And yes, last week it all worked fine.
However, there were the usual Windows-updates in the meantime. I'd rather not do a system-reset to an earlier date, because I changed a lot on my system since then.
Looking forward to a solution!

@ everybody: something strange: on my XP-laptop MS 1.2 creates a new score with the wizard. It works on XP but not on Vista? I'm baffled.
Because I tried everyting and nothing works, and I'm thinking of upgrading my Vista-desktop to Windows 7 I'm closing this discussion. I will create my new scores on my laptop!
Thanks for every good advice!

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