Too Few lines of score per page in Clarinet-Piano piece

• Mar 4, 2013 - 17:52

Sorry, I don't see exactly what I need in the forums. My clarinet-piano piece has worked out fine but I get only three lines of score per page. It really seems there is VAST vertical distance between lines so that I really would prefer to have FOUR lines of score per page without sacrificing legibility. How can I make this happen? Is all this resolved only by manipulating the "Layout" menu settings or are there other ideas? Thank you, so much! JHJ


That and the overall size of the staves - Layout / Page Settings / Scale (space). The reason you see a lot of extra space right now is that MuseScore automatically stretches things out to fill the page if the page is more than a certain amount full. - that amount is the Page Fill Threshold, set in the dialog lasconic mentioned.

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