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• Mar 5, 2013 - 18:13

I have a new weird problem with the Upload from to IN My Opera Anasazi score (my new corrected version) the computer does not "read" the Soprano Voice part ! On on my home computer the Voice part comesx through very well, but is silent on!! at first, I thought it might be because I had set the "S." for Soprano invisible , so I went back and set those to visible and re-uploaded, but still does not play the Voice Part! (The Voice kpart is NOT set on mute in the Mixer, either.) Anyone have any ideas about this?


You can attach the file here? the voice of Soprano is empty.
Something went wrong ...

I correct, it works by the measure 53 (where the notes are present)

So you are talking about this score right?

If you check measure 66, where the voice is solo for a beat, you will see that the soprano voice is played by It's just buried under all the other instruments. If you want to move the Soprano voice above the other instruments, you can try to adjust the instrument volume in Display -> Mixer (and upload your score again).

More remarks on your score. Before changing anything, create a copy of your MSCZ file!

  • Are the cross notehead right? measure 3 in Violin1. If not, and you don't use any cross notehead in the score, right click on one note head -> select -> all similar element. And then double click on the normal notehead in the notehead palette.
  • Check the rests, same staff, select them and press Ctrl + R to put them back in place
  • The "rit", measure 20 are quite big. not sure if it's on purpose. If not, double click them, Ctrl + A and change the size in the bottom text palette.
  • Measure numbers are on the backet. Go to Style -> Edit text style -> measure number. Change Y to -2. Save the score and reload it.

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