Phantom Tenuto marks in Strings

• Mar 5, 2013 - 20:07

I have another anomaly: i could not get Tenuto marks to show on in my Anasazi score, Pg. 15 in Strings. I wanted to put slurs over them to show Louree bowing tehnique, but did not, because without the marks, they would look like ties! However, after uploading to, the Tenuteto marks were there, but of course with no slurs! How could something not show on and then show up on (I went to Palette on .org and clicked and draged the tenuto mark, but it never showed.) Any ideas? Thanks, Del


Btw, no big deal, but the name of the notation program is MuseScore. The site isn't the name of the program; it is just the URL of the web site where you download it from (and there these forums are). Whereas is inded the name of the score sharing facility.

So you should really be talking about differences between MuseScore (which runs on your own computer, not on and, it the differences between and

I mention this mainly because it's already confusng enough to many people that there are two different web sites

1) where you download MuseScore, discuss it in forums, and report bugs
2) where you can upload scores created with MuseScore

Confusing the name of the program (Musescore) with the name of one of these web sites doesn't help!

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