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• May 21, 2017 - 01:52

I'm not really one for introductions, so I'll just list off the sounds I think MuseScore should have:

1) Mellow Trombone

The current trombone sound is loud and harsh. Great for loud, fast-paced marches, but terrible for a slow, quiet serenade. This is why a second trombone sound is clearly needed, but right now, if you want mellow, you're better off just using a euphonium. Which reminds me:

2) Euphonium

As a euphonium player, I take offense to the fact that the euphonium doesn't have its own sound. We have been under the tyranny of the tuba sound for too long, and now it's time for a change.

The range is also a problem. A professional on a fully compensating euphonium has the capacity to play a chromatic scale from F1 to A5. MuseScore euphoniums only have the capacity to play from E2 to C5, and that's a problem.

3) Duduk

Also deserving its own sound, this Armenian instrument can make nearly any song sad. However, the clarinet, which is the sound the duduk uses on MuseScore, cannot. The proper sound of the duduk can be heard at

4) Eb Saxophones

This part isn't about adding sounds, it's about changing them. The alto and bari sax sounds are much like the trombone sound: loud and harsh. Except these aren't even realistic, they're just annoying to deal with. These instruments sound much sweeter in real life, as this video and this video clearly show.

5 French Horn 1 & 2

The plight of the french horn is a concerning one. It's to harsh to feature a solo in a serenade, but too mellow to have one in a march. I suggest splitting it in two.

Please leave a comment below saying what other sounds you would like!


A word processor uses fonts. A free word processor uses free fonts. MuseScore is a free music processor that uses free soundfonts and there are only so many of those soundfonts that have been created -possible solutions; locate more free sound fonts or create your own to your liking. Developers of soundfonts tend to concentrate on satisfying the most number of users unless they happen to love the duduk, for instance, and create a soundfont for their own specific niche instrument. You can play about with the Mixer and Synthesizer to alter some sounds.

Regarding the range you can change this to suit your playing abilities by Right-Click ->Stave Properties and changing the values in "Usable pitch range". This will change the behaviour of MuseScore to show notes as normal, grey or red depending upon their pitch but it will not allow MuseScore to play notes that have not been recorded and incorporated in the soundfont that is being used.

There is a sub-forum dedicated to soundfonts and their creation -

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