Sound changing in instrument (guitar, keyboard)

• Mar 18, 2013 - 08:13

Hello. I would like to ask for all your help. i often change sounds mid-way in 1 instrument. For example, from warmpad sound to musicbox and then saw wave in keyboard. I have read the handbook about changing sound mid-way but it just mention about piccolo or trumpet. I tried using staff text and it was only normal sound in the channel. Please help me to post a full guide about this problem. Thank a lot.


Mid-staff change of instrument will be possible in the next version of MuseScore. And you can have a look by grabbing a nighly build (from the download page)

The trick is to use a violin or a trumpet and transform it into another kind of instrument.
For this, simply, select the desired sound in the mixer.


See (and hear) the attached example ...

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If this is something you do regularly, you might wish to consider creating a customized instruments.xml file (the default in in the MuseScore "template" folder) and telling MuseScore to use yours rather than the default via Edit / Preferences.

It is this file that defines what alternate sounds are available for each instrument. You can look at how it is done for violin and trumpet, then simply emulate that in the definition of keyboard. Do this once and it's available for all scores. Then you'd be able to change sounds the same way as with violin - and could have as many different sounds as you liked - without messing with the mixer or manually changing instrument names.

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