Easy way to place text on all staves

• Mar 19, 2013 - 07:15


is there an easy way to place some text on all staves at a particular place?



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Well, that does create one text on the top staffe (but get's propagated to all staves on part extraction).
It does not produce a text on all staves (except on part extraction).
For this you'd need to create a staff-text on every staff, there's no other method.

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Normally, system text - appearing on only the top staffin the score, but on all generated parts - is the "right" way to do it. But in cases where you want the text to appear on all staves even in the score, you can simplify the process a bit by adding it to one staff, then copy/paste to other staves.

The only way at the moment is to Copy the text you want and then click on each note in turn an dPaste. I do it by left-clicking with the mouse in right hand and using the left hand to type [Ctrl] v to paste (hold down [Ctrl] with left little finger, hit the v key with index or thumb). This also works for dynamics as well and is useful if you like all your fff's to come slightly before the note rather than a bit too far to the right.

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