Wave Save is distorted

• Jul 18, 2009 - 08:30

I saved a score as a wav file using Windows version 0.9.5 r1897 and the file sounded very clear.

I saved the same score using Windows version 0.9.5 r1926 and the sound was distorted with muffled crackling

I look in a Wav editor showed the r1926 file has considerably more Db in each stereo channel than r1897



Likely causes are you perhaps had more programs on your computer competing for resources when you saved it using r.1926 or you changed SoundFonts.

Try saving it again with no other programs running and not performing any actions until it has finished saving.

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Thanks David

I have tried again and here is what I did. I thought it may have been the fact that I loaded a 0.9.4 file into r1926 and saved directly as a wav (it stopped counting progress at 44% but still seemed to be all the file but distorted) but I have now saved the file to a .mscz file from r1926 and reloaded and then saved as wav with the same distortion.

So I did the following with the same computer environment- programmes running

Loaded the score file mscz previously saved from r1897 (originally from 0.9.4), saved as wav file -counter goes to 100%.
Sound is clear

Loaded the score file mscz previously saved from r1926 (originally from 0.9.4), saved as wav file -counter goes to 100%.
Sound is distorted

The sound files even as Mp3 files are too big to attach.


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I just wanted to check that there wasn't a problem with the file itself. However I can open and save as wav with no distortion using r.1938 (self-built, Window XP). Do you have any of the same issues during regular playback? Have you tried a smaller SoundFont?

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No problem playing from playback. I have Windows Vista Sp2
I tried another file with r1926 and it was the same problem

When you load the r1926 wav file into a sound editor it - I don't know the correct term- but it fills the editor window from top to bottom where as the r1897 fills them at the most a half

I will try r1938

It may be a Vista thing but strange it only happens with r1926

Here is a screenshot of the wav files in the editors to explain what I mean


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I looked at your screenshot and see the serious clipping (distortion from the sound being too loud) that you are describing. However I am still unable to reproduce the problem (I used r.1929 this time). What SoundFont are you using?

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I am using piano1.sf2. 41.1kb- that you pointed me to earlier-

I uninstalled r1926 as it was nested deep in a previous install and reinstalled straight in program files directory but there was no change in the distortion

I have three versions of MuseScore installed 0.9.4, and two beta 0/9/5 r1879 and r1926 each in a separate directory,

I have piano1.sf2 in all bin directories.

One thing I did notice was in the two betas if I select the piano1.sf2 - in the I/O- tab that is in that version of MS bin directory it automatically changes the Soundfont reference in the other betas preferences tab.

The 0.9.4 programme keeps its own reference regardless which is piano1.sf2 in its bin directory

I am getting stumped. I will look for a later pre-release

I will run r1926 in an XP environment I have running in VirtualBox and see what happens


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When I play the file in r1926 it is appreciably louder from the speakers than when it is played on r1897

Both programmes are using the same Soundfont from the same folder due to the problem I mentioned before


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With ogg format the sound file still look the same as the wav file ( see jpg files earlier) but the distortion is very small
Ogg file is 2.4Mb and flac is 12.4Mb

With the flac file it is the same as the wav file and just as distorted

When I play from r1926 directly it is very loud and i have to turn down my speakers as compared with volume from r1897 and 0.9.4


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